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Project data

Funding entity: Italian Foundation for Autism (FIA)

Call: 2022


UNISI Principal Investigator: Alessandra Romano

Department: Social, Political and Cognitive sciences

Start date:  01 September 2023 – End date: 01 September 2025  


The project has three main objectives:

1. to investigate the methodologies and digital devices to adopt to increase the employability of high school students with neurodiversity and autism;

2. to design formative paths based on the methodology of “simulated enterprises” with the collaboration of a multistakeholder network, composed by schools, families, enterprises, firms, and the Regional School Department;

3. to sustain the cocoreation of a community of teachers that can act as “Professional Learning Job Advisor” in their institutions.

Participants will be students of high schools, families, teachers and stakeholders from the workplace.

The objective focuses on improving the employability and supporting the job placement of young people with autism spectrum disorder at the end of their school path.