Universities represent the ideal environment for basic research and one in which it has a healthy relationship with applied research. Scientific research is carried out within the University’s departments, organized into more research sectors according to their aims or methods. Research activities are launched and coordinated within each sector, and proposals are defined to establish and manage doctoral research programs.
The University of Siena also promotes scientific research through the development of “relationships with the world of production and work and with public and private institutions, in Italy and abroad, contracts, conventions, consortia and any other helpful form for pursuing of institutional purposes”, as required by Article 10 of its Statute.

To support the work of researchers, the Research and Grants Management (DRGM) Division of the University of Siena offers various services in the field of national, European and International Research.

– Support for the presentation and management of research projects: researchers are followed during opportunities throughout the development process of their research projects, from the scouting of funding research to consultancy on the articulation of the project idea, the verification of the documents requested during the presentation and subsequent signing of the contract.

– Support for the management phase of research projects in full collaboration with the Departments and Cost Centers involved. Support on ethics and open access to research in collaboration with the Committee for Ethics Research in Human and Social Sciences – CAREUS and with the University working group on Open Science.

– Coordination of networks and working groups about research and research policies, whose main examples are APRETOUR4EU e CODAU Ricerca. 

– Training of researchers: training sessions are organized that may focus on calls of specific interest to the community of researchers and final research of the University or on opportunities to ensure that the The University of Siena is chosen as an institution by researchers and female researchers interested.
The consultancy and research activities carried out at the University for third parties are usually performed within the departments.

Guidelines for projects submission and management (in Italian)