The University of Siena promotes excellence in research and attracts talent nationally and internationally through investment in specific actions that range from fostering the careers of researchers to support in competitions for research funds, with the support structures created especially to consolidate and implement all research activities.

The University promotes and enhances specific training of young researchers in different cultural and scientific fields, offering doctoral grants and scholarships intended to recruit and place young scholars in the world of university research and foster the professional growth of those already with experience in scientific studies.

The University favors participation in research groups and projects through periodic offers of research fellowships and scholarships for promising graduates with a view to specific training and research in its many departments.

Specific actions:
  • MARIE SKLODOWSKA-CURIE ACTIONS – MSCA (by European Commission) – MSCA Actions support the mobility of researchers at all stages of their careers between countries, sectors, and disciplines to acquire new knowledge, skills and competencies. The University of Siena welcomes them with a stimulating and professional environment.




  • ITALIAN SCIENCE FUND – FIS (by MUR) –  Ministry of Research’s programme FIS funds employment contracts and research expenses for researchers of any nationality who want to work in an Italian University, including the University of Siena.


  • ITALIAN FUND FOR APPLICATION SCIENCES – FISA (by MUR) – The program aims to support project proposals submitted by individual researchers(Principal Investigators) in all fields of science. Project proposals must demonstrate a high degree of originality and innovation and the capacity to deliver social, economic and industrial benefits.