Technology transfer and new collaborations: news from the Research Exchange Forum – La Borsa della Ricerca

92 companies, 113 research facilities, 1162 scheduled appointments: these are the numbers of the 2023 edition of the Research Exchange Forum – La Borsa della Ricerca, which took place in Catania from 25 to 27 October.
These were three full days of meetings and opportunities: after the opening session and greetings, on the second day delegates of universities and companies crowded the various stands in the Benedictine Monastery of Catania, which hosted this edition of the forum.

The Siena University Liaison Office participated with a busy schedule of one-to-one appointments with the R&D managers of companies to discuss the possibility of new collaborations and partnerships stemming from the University’s wealth of expertise, research projects, technologies and patents.

New contacts and connections were made in many areas of interest, from nutraceuticals to agritech, robotics, automation and immersive technologies, as well as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

The third day was mainly dedicated to workshops on the PNRR projects, focusing on cascading calls and the opportunities for involving the University’s research groups.

Researchers from the APS Lab – Lab of Applied Plant Sciences – of the University of Siena also participated in the Catania Forum, with their own agenda of appointments and a presentation pitch to find new collaborations.

The forum is only the beginning of an interesting matching exercise that will continue once home, when the office can share and explore with both colleagues and research groups the most interesting opportunities identified.